Horseland will be closing Jan 1, 2019
Dear Horseland Players,

I'm writing to you with some sad news. After more than 20 years, we will be shutting down Horseland at the end of this year. Starting January 1, 2019, the entire website will be down. Players won't have access to any of their pages, animals, images, etc.

It was a really hard decision for our entire team. We've loved being part of this amazing community with you for so many years. As you may know, the main parts of the Horseland game use "Flash" technology. This technology is obsolete, and is no longer able to run on many devices. The future of gaming is in apps. But the cost to develop and run a successful app is prohibitive.

As you may be aware, the Horseland game started in 1994 when I was a girl. I was obsessed with horses and took riding lessons - but never had a horse of my own. I begged my parents nearly every day for a horse. It was then that my father, who was a computer engineer, helped create the original Horseland game for and (eventually) with me. It was how I learned to love computer programming, which I later studied in college and did for a career. The game grew from basic bulletin boards, to a very popular text and 2D image based game. In 2006 we partnered with a cartoon company. They made the Horseland cartoon that ran on CBS, and we updated the game to include 3D shows, the World, and player and horse avatars.

Special thanks to the ModSquad who helped make Horseland a real community!

Please take screenshots and download images of anything you might like to save after the website is down.

We will miss you and all our players.

Best Regards,
President of Horseland

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