Give a Gift!

Need a gift idea for someone you know who plays Horseland?

Buy the Ultimate Game Card for your favorite Horseland Player! They can redeem it for Horseland Coins.

The Ultimate Game Card makes a great stocking stuffer!

Where to Buy

You can buy the Ultimate Game Card at participating stores. Click Here to find a specific store.

Or buy it right now from Amazon.com!

What Are Coins?

Horseland Coins is the virtual currency used in the Horseland World game. Players use Coins to buy things in the game like horses, dogs, clothing, saddles, horse feed, etc.

Please remember that Horseland Coins have no real world value and can only be used to purchase services provided directly by Horseland LLC. Any act of trading/selling and/or unauthorized/fraudulent charging is in direct violation of the Terms of Use and all violators will be subject to immediate account termination. Always ask permission from your parent or guardian before you buy Coins. If you don't, and the payment is later canceled or declined, you will be permanently banned. Horseland Coins are non-refundable.

The Ultimate Game Card

What a perfect Stocking Stuffer!
We now accept the the Ultimate Game Card. It's easy for parents, grandparents and friends to give one to their favorite Horseland player this holiday season!

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