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Horseland Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here or in Horseland Help, please send an email to help@horseland.com

Does my horse need to have 100% Health to enter or win shows?

No, as long as your horse's Health is 25% or higher, it can enter. But between 25% and 80% the chance of winning goes down in proportion to its Health.

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Can my horse still win a show if its Health is less than 80%?

Yes, as long as it is 25% or above.

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Why does visiting the vet over and over not make my horse's Health go up?

The vet does not have magical healing powers. Sometimes only rest and proper nutrition can make your horse better.

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How do I change my password?

Please follow instructions in Login Help

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How do I feed my horses and dogs?

Feeding Horses
You can feed your horses if you have them boarded at your own stable. You can buy stalls for your stable at the General Store. Buy a stall for every horse you want to keep at your stable. Once you own stalls, you can keep your horses at your stable. (While you're at the General Store buy a bag of feed!). To move your horse to your own stables, go to the horse's page and click on the "Home Stables" link.

Once the horses are at your Stables and you bought feed: click the "View Stable" button on your Home page. Then click on the "Add Feed" link next to each horse in your stable. You will add seven days worth of feed at a time and this feed will be subtracted from the Servings left in your feed bin.

If your horses are boarded somewhere else, the player who owns the stable will feed them as long as you pay the boarding fee. If the stable owners are not feeding your horses, send them a note or move them to a new stable.

Feeding Dogs
First make sure your dog is boarded at your own kennel. You need to buy a Crate for your dog. Go to the "Shop" page, then choose the "General Store". You can buy several Crates, they are free! (When you're at the General Store, buy a bag of feed too!).

Once you bought a Crate for your dog, go to your Home page, then click on the purple "View Kennel" button at the top of your home page

You'll see a list of all the dogs that are boarded at your kennel, you can click the "Add Feed" link and give food to each dog.

Humane Association
If your horses or dogs are not fed for more than 30 days, the Humane Association will take them.

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My sister and I both play, how can I get back to my HOME? (also "I had two windows open and when I pressed SAVE the all of the information in one account went into the other.")

If two or more accounts are opened on the same computer, you may have trouble switching to another account. (and if you do updates to one page they may go into the wrong account).

To fix this:
click on LOGOFF (in the menu) before changing to using another account.

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How do I sell my horse?

First you need to go to your horse's page. To do this click on his/her name on your HOME page. Then check the "For Sale" box, set a price and press the "Save Changes" button.

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How do I buy horses?

Click on the FIND link in the menu, then click on the HORSES button. From this page, check the "For Sale" box and click "Find". This will allow you to search only for horses that are 'for sale'. You can now search through all the horse, when you have found one you like, there will be a link that says "bid or buy this horse" on thast horse's page.

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How do I breed my stallion to my mare?

First, go to one of your stallion's pages (click on his name). Then make sure the "Is this horse available for stud?" box is checked. You can set a price to what you want (if you breed him with one of your own mares, it's sort of like paying yourself.) Then click on the "Breed one of my horses with this horse" link. Then you will have to choose (out of a list we provide) which one of your mares you want to breed. Click on her name. That is it! You will have to wait 3 weeks until you can breed that mare again.

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Why do I have to pay real money for Premium Membership and Coins?

While we would love to offer everything for free, unfortunately it cost us real money to create, program and host this game. We are a small company and we make most of our money from sales of Premium Upgrades and Coins.

We offer a basic version of the game that people can play for free. We think offering a "pay as you go" version for people who want more features is a good way to be fair to everyone. Remember, you can always play Games to earn Coins.

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I haven't received my verification emails

Check your SPAM folder, and you need to add help@horseland.com to your address book to get further emails from us.

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My Home page is messed up... how can I fix it?

Sometimes when players edit their home page they paste some bad HTML in the page and it keeps them from seeing the page. The only way to fix this is by reseting the HTML.
You can do this by going to HELP in the game and pressing the link to reset the HTML. Unfortunately, this will delete all the HTML in the description, but this is the only way to fix it.

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Where is my horse's breeding waiting list?

Each list for each horse is located on the horse's own individual page. If nothing is there than no one is on the list.
Also, you will be notified by an Automatic Horseland Message when a horse is on your waiting list. If you received an automatic message but did not locate a horse on your horse's waiting list someone could have added a mare to the list then taken her off before you looked or the mare could have been on more than one list. If another stallion owner accepted her she would have been removed from all other lists.

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How do I make Friends?

Horseland is about Horses, sure, but it's also about community and making new friends. Horseland's "Friend' feature is a way to easily link to your friends, see your friends' friends, and make new friends.

To add a player as your Friend, just click the link under their name on their home page and a message will be sent to them letting them know that you have requested that they be your Friend. They will be given the opportunity to Accept your request. (We've also included the ability to Decline requests, just in case.) Once they Accept your request, you will be added to each other's Friends lists.

Your home page shows your last 16 friends who updated their status (status is the "What are you doing now" box on your page). You can click on the "Friends" link on the top of the any page to see your whole list of friends.

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Why do I have to login again when I try to check my messages?

Messaging problems are caused because your browser is not doing scripting correctly. You must have a newer browser and you must have scripting turned on. The two most common browsers are AOL and Internet Explorer. Follow the directions below depending on the type of browser you have:

Internet Explorer Users:
Go to TOOLs menu
Then click on the SECURITY tab
Then click on DEFAULT LEVEL
Then click on OK

AOL Users:
Many people have problems when they use AOL with messages. This is because AOL does not always install the latest browser when AOL is upgraded. (even when you have the latest version of AOL).
To fix this go to Keyword: Browser from AOL. (Type Browser in the menu bar and then press GO)
It will tell you if you can download a newer browser.

If you still have problems, you may have to change the security level of the browser

This is complicated so make sure you do the above before you take the next step.
Go to "AOL Settings"
Go to "Internet Properties"
Click on the tab called "Security"
Click on "Custom Level"
At the bottom of that tab where it says "Reset Custom Level"
Set it to "Medium" then press "Reset"

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How can I make a Club?

Players cannot make Clubs. Horseland staff will make new Clubs every so often.

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May I use copyrighted images for my horses?

NO. This is against the law. You may not take images from other player's horses either. Any copyrighted images will be removed from player's pages or horses without warning. For more information on copyrights go to www.whatiscopyright.com.

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My horse image won't show up after uploading! What do I do?

Some players are experiencing difficulties viewing and uploading images to horse pages.

The first thing to do in order to solve this problem is to delete your temporary Internet files on your web browser. Your web browser is the program you are using to view the Internet. These temporary Internet files are usually under Options or Tools in the browser. Some examples of web browsers are Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Safari.

Firefox users...
Delete your temporary Internet files using clear private data under the Tools section. Be sure to include the cookies as well.

Once you do this close your web browser window, open a fresh one, and log into Horseland to check your horses.

If this does not solve the problem...

The new horse pages use Flash Media player to view the images. Make sure you have installed the latest version of Flash. You can download a free version online here:

PC users

Mac users

Make sure you open a fresh browser window to test these fixes.

If you have tried both of these suggestions and you are still unable to view or upload horse images please send us a reply to this email along with:
Your account ID number
Your web browser type and version

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How do I delete my account(s)

Horseland accounts cannot be deleted.

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How do I get Coins from Games?

You can play the games as often as you want.

But you can get coins from the games only 12 times a week. After you finish playing a game you will see a pop-up that tells you your score and how many Coins you earned.

If you want to collect these Coins, click the large "Collect Coins" button. This will add the Coins to your account.

If you don't want to collect, press "Quit" or "Play Again".

You can play the games as often as you like. That's good for practice or just to have fun.

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How do I verify my account?

You will need to verify your account when you first make it, every time you change your email address or every 6 months.

When you see a yellow bar warning across the top of every page, you know it's time to verify!

Here is how to verify your account:

1) Click the "Send New Code" link inside the yellow bar. We will email you your verification code to the email address listed on your account. (Check your SPAM folder, especially AOL users)

2) Once you get your email with the code, log in the game and click the "Home" link on the top menu

3) Enter the code in the box inside the yellow bar

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Can I get a Refund?

Unfortunately, we have a strict no-refund policy (exceptions are in the case of fraud or accidental renewal). There is no way for us to get back the value received from in-game use of coins or benefits. However, it is important to remember that people who have subscribed on a monthly basis can always cancel their subscription at any time and their charges will stop at the next cycle. You can cancel your subscription from your Paypal account.

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How can I cancel my monthly Premium Subscription?

If you would like to cancel your Premium Membership monthly subscription, log in to your PayPal account and go to the "History" subtab of the "My Account" tab. Choose "Subscriptions" from the pull-down "Show" menu and press the "Submit" button. Choose this subscription, and click on its "Details" link. You will be taken to a Transaction Details page from which you may cancel your subscription. Cancelling your subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments for this subscription.

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How do I delete my "temporary internet files"?

Your browser stores local copies of web content called "Temporary Internet Files" (sometimes also called "Cache").

If you want to clear your Temporary Internet Files, please follow the instructions below depending on the type of Browser you have:

If you have Internet Explorer 6.x:
1. Click the Tools menu at the top of your browser, and select Internet Options.
2. Click the General tab at the top of the dialogue box.
3. Click Delete Files under 'Temporary Internet files.'
4. Select the option 'Delete all offline content.'
5. Click OK.

If you have Internet Explorer 7:
1. Click Tools > Internet Options
2. Select the General tab.
3. Click Delete under 'Browsing History.'
4. Under 'Temporary Internet Files,' click Delete Files..
5. Click OK

If you have Firefox and use a PC:
1. Click the Tools menu at the top of your browser and select
Clear Private Data...
2. Select the Cache checkboxes.
3. Click Clear Private Data Now.

If you have Firefox and use a Mac:
1. Click the Firefox menu at the top of your browser and select
2. Select the Privacy tab.
3. Click Clear Now... at the bottom of the dialogue box.
4. Select the options Cache in the new dialogue box.
5. Click Clear Private Data Now.

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Is Horseland Free?

You can play the Horseland game for FREE as long as you like. Players use "Coins" to buy things in the game. You can earn Coins by playing fun games. Or you have the option of purchasing packs of Coins with real money. We also offer a Premium Membership for a monthly fee. Premium Membership un-locks exclusive features in the game.

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How long is a "Year" in Horseland?

One "year" in the Horseland game = 1 week in real life.
So every week your horse gets 1 year older.

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How can chat freely in the World?

Anyone under the age of 13 gets a Junior account. Junior accounts can't freely chat in the World or send/receive private messages. Due to government rules, we must get parental permission for kids under 13 to be able to chat freely. There are two ways you can give your permission:

1) Upgrade to a "Basic Member" (for Free) . You can either mail, fax or email us the scanned & signed form.

2) Upgrade to a "Premium Member" (for real money). Premium membership unlocks exclusive game features.

To start the upgrade process:
- Log into your account
- Click the gold coin () at top right corner of any page.

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How do I send an invitation to join Horseland to Friends?

Enjoy Horseland with more real life Friends! Send an invitation to your friends and ask them to join Horseland. When they join, they become your referrals. When a referral buys Coins you get Free Coins equal to 10% of their purchase for the first year!

Send an invitation to your friend today: http://www.horseland.com/invite.hl

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If you have a question that is not answered here or in Horseland Help, please send an email to help@horseland.com
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