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What is Horseland?


Horseland is an online community and virtual world. You can care for, compete with, breed, and trade your very own horses and dogs. You're the stable manager! It's the oldest and biggest online horse game.

It's completely free to join Horseland! Keep reading for more information.



Personalized Avatars

Everyone in Horseland has an Avatar. We have added so many customizable features that you can make your Avatar look like anybody you want!

The World

In Horseland you can actually ride your horses around the 3D World! Have fun making new friends and exploring exciting places.





To complete your unique look, we sell cool clothes for you and tack for your horse.




3D Jumping Shows

Guide your horse around the jumps! You also can design your very own 3D jumping courses!



It's FREE and easy to join Horseland! Click the orange button below to get started!

If you have a questions email the friendly Horseland staff at


The Horseland Team




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